Thailand welcomes its first AI influencer, “AI Ailynn”

Before is leaping into the influencer marketing sport SkyNet fashion, with the introduction of AI Ailynn, a metaverse human designed by SIA Bangkok, which kinds itself a “virtual influencer agency”. AI Ailynn, their first artificial intelligence influencer will chat with customers, pose for pictures, and affect people to purchase things.
The company’s website describes AI Ailynn as a 21 year old, 165cm tall, extrovert; she’s sensible and filled with confidence. She’s bold and has an AB blood kind. Outside of that, not a lot is known about AI Ailynn. SIA’s aim is to enchantment to manufacturers that need extra of a novel approach to advertising at a time when digital advertising is prospering. In reality, the Bangkok Post says digital advertising billings climbed 8% final year to 21 billion baht and are predicted to climb another 11% this year to hit 23 billion. Influencer related billings are responsible for 9% or 2 billion baht of the billings, falling just behind Facebook and YouTube.
AI Ailynn would be a part of the worldwide development that is influencer marketing, akin to Lu Do Magalu, the world’s most well-known virtual influencer. Lu first appeared on the digital influencer scene on YouTube again in 2009 to hype iBlogTV for Magazine Luiza. She partakes in unboxing movies, product reviews and different actions all through her social media accounts. She has also helped Adidas enhance client engagement. Lu has 5.5 million followers on Instagram and 4.2 million followers on TikTok..

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