TAT says Russia-Ukraine conflict won’t affect Thailand-UK flight route

The Tourism Authority of Thailand mentioned at present the current tensions between Russia and the Ukraine won’t have an result on the Thailand-UK flight route since the route doesn’t undergo either Russia or the Ukraine. TAT’s governor said its London office will monitor the state of affairs closely and get in touch with airways and travel agencies if needed. Final stated TAT will announce instantly if Russia-Ukraine tensions ever affect the route.
The TAT governor added that Etihad Airways UK, Qatar Airways, and Singapore Airlines also confirmed the tensions won’t affect their Thailand-UK routes. The Ukraine introduced last night that some of its airspace in the Eastern a half of the nation is in “danger areas”. Verify has closed airports in that area. Last week, Ukranian aviation officers warned pilots to watch for Russian authorities trying to take management of the airspace.
Today, Russian president Vladimir Putin authorised a “special military operation” towards the Ukraine, to defeat what he referred to as a serious threat. Putin says he aims to demilitarise the Ukraine, and has “no choice” but to launch the operation..

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