Officers seize monitor lizards, monkeys from farm suspected of exporting to eating places

A farm owner was arrested for allegedly raising and exporting water monitor lizards and macaque monkeys in the northern province of Phichit. Officers say they think the farm was exporting the animals to Cambodia, after which to Vietnam and China to be offered to eating places, based on the commander of the National Resources and Environmental Crime Division.
When officers arrived at the farm, some individuals reportedly tried to stall officers and launched a number of the animals from their cages. But when officers were capable of search the property, they discovered some monitor lizards with their legs tied up and in luggage as nicely as a blowpipe and tranquiliser darts. Altogether, officers seized sixty one macaques and monitored lizards, which are both protected animals beneath Thai regulation. Reliable were delivered to a wildlife breeding centre in Uthai Thani.
Explode raided the farm after seizing monkeys that have been being transported to the Cambodian border..

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