Chiang Mai police under fire after “pretties” joined highway safety campaign

Two Thai models in Chiang Mai had been giving out free espresso to keep drivers alert during the New Year holiday’s “seven lethal days” on the road, however what the ladies had been carrying is what really received the eye of the drivers. Dressed like they had been going out to a nightclub in heels and tight clothes, which is usually thought-about provocative to Thais, the women stood at a police checkpoint exterior the Hang Dong district office.
The ladies brought on so much consideration, with many accusing the police of hiring promotional models, generally known as “pretties,” that the native police station launched a statement saying they didn’t hire the women for their road safety campaign. Nothing to it are sometimes looked down upon in Thai society as some are hired for personal parties the place medication and intercourse are concerned.
The Hang Dong Police Station issued a statement yesterday after photos of the women went viral on social media. Some posts of the women have since been deleted. The police say a nearby sushi buffet restaurant needed to participate in the New Year street safety campaign and arranged for the women handy out free coffee to maintain drivers alert.
“The restaurant, however, did not inform us prematurely that they were sending pretties… The marketing campaign aims to advertise road security by handing out free espresso to motorists, so they don’t feel drowsy whereas driving.”
Police added that the Chiang Mai deputy police chief glided by the checkpoint and ordered the two women to cease handing out coffee..

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