Top Bangkok virologist compares not getting vaccinated to “walking into traffic”

In a Facebook submit yesterday, Thailand’s most renowned virologist compared remaining unvaccinated from Covid-19 to strolling into speeding Bangkok traffic. He commented on how aged Thais have had reservations about being vaccinated, even though they are a high-risk group.
“… like inviting an accident by stepping off the pavement into the busy visitors on Silom Road.”
The virologist, Yong Poovorawan, said pregnant women, folks over 60, and folks with underlying diseases, threat being hospitalised with severe symptoms in the occasion that they get Covid-19. Yong urged people to check the benefits and side effects of the varied vaccine manufacturers obtainable. Well respected said since vaccination is voluntary, individuals should decide for themselves which brand to get jabbed by.
Yong’s submit is out there for anybody to view on Facebook, nevertheless, the English translation provided will not be fully thorough.
Last week, another Bangkok doctor warned that the country’s healthcare system may collapse if Covid-19 is not dealt with. He noted that Thailand’s economic system is weaker than the economies of European nations, and wouldn’t hold up if Covid-19 received out of control.
“With fewer financial resources than wealthy international locations, the impact of the outbreak might be too tough to deal with.”

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