Phuket pair arrested in possession of meth pills, do-it-yourself gun

After receiving a tip about the potential of drug trafficking in Phuket, the Thalang Police carried out a drug bust that took two suspects into custody who had been in possession of 310 meth pills and a loaded gun in Pa Khlok.
The incident occurred yesterday when law enforcement officials arrived on the handle for which that they had obtained a tip-off and arrested a 24 yr old Thai lady. She had 160 meth tablets in her possession at the time of her arrest.
Police proceed their investigation and took into custody a second suspect in the drug raid, a 39 year outdated Thai man. When he was arrested he was in possession of one other 150 meth pills. Unsung had 16 rounds of ammunition and a .38-caliber gun which appeared to be homemade.
By the time the raid was full, police had seized the gun, the ammunition and the 310 meth pills. They additionally took possession of a white Isuzu truck that was confiscated as potential proof in the case against the drug dealers.
Both the 24 12 months old woman and the 39 yr outdated man were charged with unlawful possession of a class 1 drug with intent to promote. the man was also charged with illegal possession of firearms and ammunition as a outcome of do-it-yourself gun..

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