Phuket officer allegedly threatens girl with prostitution costs for money

A girl in Phuket advised the press yesterday that a police officer at Thalang Police Station threatened to cost her with prostitution if she didn’t pay 50,000 baht in month-to-month funds of 5,000 baht. The fee is allegedly for her car, which police threatened to grab as evidence of her committing prostitution.
The woman claims the officer first contacted her for a “personal service” in October, and so they agreed to fulfill in a resort room in Phuket town. The undercover officer agreed to pay 1,500 baht for the service. Once they had been both undressed, seven different officers charged into the room. The officers took photographs and a video clip.
The officers allegedly searched the woman’s pickup truck, and found her boyfriend’s gun knife. โซล่าเซลล์คุณภาพดี advised the woman they might either seize the truck as evidence, or she might pay them 20,000 baht in payments of 5,000 a month. The officer claims his superior officer accredited this since he knew the officer is struggling financially to look after his aged mother.
The lady agreed to pay the cash, but when she met with the officers later to signal an agreement, the agreement said the payment can be 50,000 baht. The woman then determined not to pay.
Now, the lady alleges that the officer got here to her residence with one other man and threatened her on Friday, March 25. He allegedly threatened to cost her, and post the video of her undressed online.
A major common in Phuket says he has ordered the Thalang Police Station to research the officer, and insists he will be prosecuted according to the legislation.

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