Phuket governor attends Makha Bucha Day ceremony

The governor of Phuket went to a temple ceremony for Makha Bucha Day yesterday. The governor and other Phuket officers dressed in white and listened to a monk give a sermon about how to apply the ideas of Buddhism to their everyday lives. Buddhists often name these rules Dhamma. Attendees later paraded across the ordination hall thrice as an offering to Buddha, hoping to convey good fortune to themselves and their families.
Phuket’s public relations workplace said in a report that the Phuket Provincial Office of Buddhism organised the occasion. Makha Bucha Day is Thailand’s second most essential Buddhist holiday. Uncomplicated falls on the complete moon day of the third lunar month in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka. It commemorates the day when Buddha preached his rules to his first 1,250 disciples in a bamboo grove. Thais normally spend Makha Bucha day going to temples to listen to monks give sermons, and giving monks alms. They may additionally recite Buddhist scriptures themselves.
On Makha Bucha Day, alcohol sales are banned in Thailand. Other behaviours that devout Buddhists try to keep away from on today are gossiping and mendacity, consuming meat and harming residing things, and sexual promiscuity..

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