Less intercourse with condoms during pandemic, leading producer says drop in sales

Many people throughout the globe aren’t using condoms throughout intercourse. Sales for the contraceptive have reportedly dropped drastically during the pandemic for the world’s largest condom producer, Karex. According to a report by Nikkei Asia, the Malaysian producer, which provides condoms to main brands like Durex and ONE, says the utilization of its merchandise has plummeted by 40%.
Stunning would suppose that extra individuals would have extra intercourse since people were pressured to remain at home, and in turn, they’d purchase extra condoms. Karex even estimated that the demand for condoms would grow at “double digits,” it didn’t, in accordance with a report by Nikkei Asia.
Maybe it’s as a end result of persons are much less prone to meet in individual with a Tinder date, or go house with someone they met at a bar. But the most important issues, the corporate says, had been the closure of sexual wellness centres and the suspension of government-funded condom handout programmes.
The condom company is actually planning on cashing in on the medical glove business, which has boomed during the pandemic. By mid-year, the company will start production in Thailand..

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