Gastrointestinal shocker: Viral video reveals nose-tickling tapeworm terror (video)

A video circulating on-line, exhibiting the removal of a tapeworm of over one metre in size from a patient’s nostril, has sparked fears for individuals who consume uncooked beef or pork dishes corresponding to Larb, Koy, and Soi Joo. The event in all probability occurred in Laos.
The disturbing footage was first posted on Facebook by consumer Taning Ksb about six days in the past. Later, it was shared by FMC Medical Clinic, which additionally offered info on tapeworm an infection. It is thought that this affected person contracted a bovine tapeworm, given the looks and size of the parasite. This type of an infection typically outcomes from consuming raw beef dishes.
Tapeworms, both from cows or pigs, usually reside within the small intestines of their human hosts. Treatment entails administering medication similar to Niclosamide or Praziquantel. The query remains as to how the tapeworm managed to exit via the patient’s nostril.
When an enormous number of tapeworms, especially long ones, populate the small intestines, the parasites could have restricted area. Consequently, they might transfer and block intestines, and bile ducts, causing nausea, vomiting, stomach discomfort, and stomach pain in some patients. If the tapeworm moves up into the stomach, the excessive acidity is unsuitable for the parasite, forcing it to continue shifting, Sanook reported.
Some tapeworms might return to the intestines, whereas others might travel upwards by way of the meals pipe. This process can result in belching and vomiting. As seen within Expires , the worm finally exits by way of the patient’s mouth or nostril, requiring a well being care provider to remove it. Moreover, extra deworming medication may be essential to get rid of any remaining worm eggs or larvae, especially in the case of porcine tapeworms, to stop life-threatening cysticercosis..

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