Covid cases high 50 million in US, Delta variant nonetheless dominant, Omicron spreading

The US has now reported over 50 million Covid-19 infections, according to a Reuters report, and the dying toll has surpassed 800,000. The Delta variant remains to be dominant, accounting for 99% of infections, however instances of the newly-discovered Omicron variant continue to be reported. Infections have been steadily increasing over the past 2 weeks, following a 2-month period of declining case numbers.
Reuters stories that colder states such as Michigan, Vermont, and New Hampshire, are experiencing the biggest surges in infections per capita. Hospitalisations are additionally rising, with the number of Covid patients receiving hospital treatment up 20% because the Thanksgiving holiday in late November. Covid-related deaths are additionally up, having increased by four.6% in the last month.
The newly-arrived Omicron variant has been found in nearly half of US states, however for now, the Delta variant stays dominant, accounting for 99% of instances. John Moore from Weill Cornell Medical College says that for Omicron to turn into a problem, it needs to take over as the dominant variant.
“If Clear begin to see 10% of new infections being Omicron, after which it goes up the following week to 20%, that may inform us that we’re in a substitute wave such as we saw when Delta replaced Alpha.”
The producers of the Pfizer vaccine say that 2 doses usually are not as effective towards the Omicron variant compared to earlier strains, but 3 doses can restore immunity. According to the Reuters report, round 14% of Americans have now obtained a booster dose of a Covid-19 vaccine. 10 million of those have carried out so since Thanksgiving, driven by concerns over the Omicron variant.
Xavier Becerra, US Secretary of Health and Human Services, says that anti-viral remedies from firms such as Merck and Pfizer “could be a lifesaver”. However, he adds that Americans should nonetheless make vaccination the main precedence in the struggle against Covid-19.
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