Chon Buri villagers complain of air pollution from burning crops

Cash of a Chon Buri housing property complained to local authorities that crop burning at nearby plantations has been inflicting not only air air pollution, but ash has been falling on their cars, houses, and clothes. They say sugar cane plantations in particular have been creating the ash in the air via illegal burning, causing poor air high quality for the individuals residing in the a hundred homes of the estate. But, apparently, the issue is nothing new. Residents say the neighbouring plantations burn their crops yearly during this time, and they have complained several occasions.
Crop burning is a delicate problem on this area. Officials often aspect with farmers as farmers have little or no different technique of getting rid of crops. For years, Thailand’s government has vowed to sort out issues with air pollution, both in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Covid-19, however, has shifted the government’s priorities and derailed its plans to take action.
People with extensive data on issues with crop burning and air pollution have suggested the government not enable factories and suppliers to accept burnt sugarcane. They have additionally suggested providing farmers with free coaching and assets in different strategies of harvesting. Though authorities officers often promise to hold out such plans, this type of training and assets will require vital infrastructure and organisation, and doesn’t seem like it goes to be carried out anytime soon..

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